Edmund Sylvers

Jan 25th, 1957 - Mar 11th, 2004
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Edmund Sylvers Lead Singer Of The Sylvers
Edmund Theodore Sylvers (January 25, 1957 – March 11, 2004) was the lead singer of the 1970s family disco/soul music group The Sylvers. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Sylvers was 15 years old when he started singing with the family-based musical group, and was 18 when he sang lead on the group's biggest hit, "Boogie Fever" (1975).

Sylvers, provided the voice of Marlon Jackson, on the 1971–1973 ABC-TV cartoon series The Jackson 5ive.
      Rock/Disco/R&B/Funk Musician. Sylvers was a member of the 1970s and 1980s musical group, "The Sylvers", which he formed in 1972 in Memphis, Tennessee, with 9 out of his 10 siblings including, Charmaine, Olympia, Leon, James, Ricky, Angie, Pat, and Foster Sylvers. They recorded on the Capitol Record Label, Pride Record Label, MGM Record Label, and the Casablanca Record Label. The group which was known as a 'Southern version of the Jackson 5' had numerous hits on the R&B Charts and Pop Charts in there 13 year career. In the early 1980s the group signed with the Geffen Record Label, but the group had lost its appeal by then. In 1980 Edmund began a solo career on the Arista Record Label. There many recordings include, 'Fool's Paradise', 'Boogie Fever', 'Hot Line', 'Don't Stop, Get Off', 'Reach Out', 'Come Back Lover, Come Back', 'I'm Gettin' Over', 'Heart Repair Man', 'Cotton Candy', 'Storybook Girl', 'I Can Be Real', 'The Roulette Wheel Of Love', 'Wish That I Could Talk To You', 'That's What Love Is Made Of', 'High School Dance', and 'Ain't Nothin' But A Party. On Thursday the 11th of March 2004, Edmund Sylvers succumb to lung cancer at MCV Hospital, he's survived by his children & siblings.                                                                              The Sylvers Musical Group, consisted of nine siblings:

Olympia-Ann "Olan" Sylvers (b. October 13, 1951) - Vocals
Leon Frank Sylvers III (b. March 7, 1953) - Bass, Vocals
Charmaine Elaine Sylvers (b. March 9, 1954) - Vocals
James Jonathan Sylvers (b. June 8, 1955) - Keyboards, Vocals
Edmund Theodore Sylvers (b. January 25, 1957, d. March 11, 2004) - Vocals, Percussion
Joseph Richard "Ricky" Sylvers (b. October 13, 1958) - Guitar, Vocals
Angelia Marie "Angie" Sylvers (b. April 11, 1960) - Vocals
Patricia Lynn "Pat" Sylvers (b. March 25, 1961) - Additional Keyboards, Vocals
Foster Emerson Sylvers (b. February 25, 1962) - Additional Bass, Vocals
Success                                                                 ( Trivia) Edmund Sylvers, played percussion with the latter as well as on Janet Jackson's eponymous début album in 1982 and also worked as producer and arranger with Gladys Knight.