Norman Gibson

Sep 18th, 1951 - Sep 29th, 1976
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Sep 18th
Remembrance Day For Norman Gibson - Remembrance Day For Actor Norman Gibson, His Arrival On 09/18/1951, & His Departure On 09/29/1976.

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Cooley High Actor Norman Gibson
Actor Norman Gibson was born on september 18, 1951 he was best known for his character "Robert" in the film "Cooley High."  In the movie, he helped murder the Lawrence Hilton Jacobs character (Cochise). In real life, on September 29, 1976 Gibson was shot & killed  while he stood on a chicago street corner, watching a dice game, at his  funeral Gibson was described as a soft spoken person, whose only hope was to have a "good life" tales circulated freely about how gibson, had been plucked from  his North west side neighborhood in chicago, almost by accident & landed in the movie about  life, in the ghetto high school in 1960, ironically enough it was near the high school, in the movie "Edwin G.Cooley Vocational high" that gibson was slain.