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Reporting Abuse/Underage user

Your Account

How do I change my email address?
On the navigation bar above click settings. Change your email address in the provided field and click "Save Changes". A confirmation email will be sent to your previous email address. Click on the link to confirm the change.

I can’t log into my account.
Please verify that you are logging in with the correct password and username. We also recommend clearing your browser's cookies and temporary internet files and then try logging in again. Note: Mac users should use Safari or Firefox for the best browsing results. If you have already tried the methods above, check to make sure your profile still exists by finding your profile on the site. Also, look for comments you posted on your friends' profiles. If you cannot find your profile, it may have been deleted. Mournwatch may delete any account if they violate the site's Terms of Service. We cannot retrieve a deleted account.

I have lost my password.
Retrieve your password by clicking here

I forgot my username.
Your Mournwatch.com Username is the email address you used to create your account.

How do I change my password?
On the navigation bar above click settings. Now click "Change Password". Enter your current password then your new password twice for verification. Click the “Save Changes” button.

Is Mournwatch.com free?

How do I delete my account?
On the navigation bar above click on settings. On the settings screen click on "Close Account".
Your account will be terminated within 24 hours and can not be retrieved again.

Message Center

How do I know when I have mail?
On your home page the number of new messages can be found on the top right under "messages".


How do I set my default picture?
On the navigation bar above click settings. Under the section labeled "your photo" click upload a new photo. On this page use the "browse" button to select the photo on your computer, then click the "upload" button.

How do I set a memorial's default picture?
On the memorial page click the "photos" link. Each image will have options underneath. Click the "make display photo" option.

How do I add more photos to a memorial?
Go to the memorial you would like to add photos. Click on either the "photos" link or the "edit memorial" link. Click the "upload photos" link. On this page you can upload up to five photos at a time by clicking the "browse..." button, selecting the photo on your computer, and finally clicking the "upload" button.

Or you can go to your homepage and click on the [upload photos] links beneath the Memorial you created.

How do I delete photos from a memorial?
On the memorial page click the "photos" link. Each image you have uploaded will have a link under it labeled "delete". Click the link to delete your picture.

Reporting Abuse

If it sounds to good to be true chances are, it is. Offers described as Work-at-home, health and diet, chain letters, bulk email, business opportunities, effortless income, free goods, etc. are all forms of scams. Please use your common sense to avoid falling for these traps. These scams are solely designed to steal your money or your identity.
    Tips to Avoid Scams/Frauds
  • Do not wire/send money to anyone you do not know in person or you do not trust completely.
  • Do not meet anyone in person what you have met on the internet. You may not know their true intentions of meeting.
  • Do a reality check. Remember anybody can pretend to be anyone while on the internet.
  • Never cash/deposit/sign checks sent to you from someone you do not know or trust.

Someone is pretending to be me by using my pictures. What can I do?
In order to verify your identity, please send us a "salute". This means we will need an image of yourself holding a handwritten sign with the word "Mournwatch.com" and your Member ID (your Member ID number appears immediately after "member_id=" in the web address/URL when viewing your profile). We can then remove the profile that uses your identity without your permission.

Please be sure to include the web address/URL to the profile in question when you send your salute.

If you do not have an account with Mournwatch.com please write in the email address that you are emailing us from instead of your member ID.

If the profile is an extremely obvious attempt to be cruel/false, you may not need to send a salute. Sending a salute will definitely help expedite things, though!
You can contact by sending an email to email@mournwatch.com

Someone on Mournwatch is bugging/harrassing/threatening me - what can I do about it?
If someone is harrassing you simply ignore them. 99.9% of the time they will leave you alone. You can also remove that person from your friend list. We also suggest you delete all of their comments and any mail they have sent to you. If you ignore them completely, chances are they will just give up. Click here for a few safety tips while using Mournwatch.